Richie's Express Auto Wash

About Us

Richies Express Auto Wash utilizes the newest technology to allow customers to pay via cash, credit card, or Richies Loyalty Card through a very friendly “ATM” like machine. Customers are able to purchase or reload the Richies Loyalty Card at the wash, just ask for a Manager!

When you leave, your car will be very clean and dry! Along with our 5 high efficiency blowers, we use microfiber towels to hand dry you vehicle. We use spot free R/O high pressure rinse, so any left over water should dry clean and not leave any water marks on your car. You will leave with a clean dry car.

Richies Express Auto Wash is the only certified “Cleaner and Greener Express Car Wash” in the Tri-City area.

Conveniently located close to downtown, easy access off Sheldon