Richie's Express Auto Wash

Our Process




Fast, Thorough, Gentle and Clean

Our wash process utilizes the latest “Neo-Glide” cloth which is gentle on your car’s paint surfaces.  We also use a high pressure wash to assist in cleaning the toughest areas.

Through the use of the latest technology, Richies Express Auto Wash is faster and easier than ever before.

You will appreciate various payment options that include not only cash but credit card and a pre-paid card option as well.  The wash service begins at a touch screen “Auto Cashier” very similar to an ATM machine that is both simple to use and convenient.

With our exterior only express service, customers always stay in their vehicle and drive through an automatic car wash.  After your car wash is complete, it is dried by the automated “The Super Dry” drying system.  Then you car is towel-dried by our courteous staff.

After the wash, customers may choose to vacuum themselves.  Vacuums at Richies are ALWAYS FREE!

Business Hours

Normal Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 8am-5:30pm
Sunday: 9am-3pm

Winter Hours

Monday – Saturday: 9am-5:30pm
Sunday: 9am-3pm